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You’ve been giving this whole dating thing the best you got… 

But it still doesn’t seem to be working for you.  You have this cycle where you go from not dating at all to deciding to give it another whirl. For some reason though, it appears you’ve developed a knack for picking the wrong guys.

You’re over this little dance, and you’re ready to move past the awkwardness and the letdowns, and get on with building something that’s #GOALS worthy. I TOTALLY GET THAT! 

Dating REALLY can be as EASY as breathing! And just like the way breathing is automatic for us, healthy and incredibly fulfilling romantic interactions can also become automatic. Arriving here though, normally requires some work and an adjustment to the way you’ve become accustomed to approaching things.

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Editorial Content

I’ve long had a love affair with writing.

In fact, not long ago, I discovered a creative writing essay that I produced in the 5th grade where I proclaimed, “I’m a young black girl who loves to wright” (I figured I’d leave my spelling error intact to maintain the statement’s authenticity).

The irony is, even back then, I was writing about relationships and dissecting the patterns of interactions I was able to observe to discern the quality thereof.

Now, with quite a bit more experience, a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, and a life devoted to discovering effective ways to create healthier mutually beneficial relationships, my writing is geared toward delivering relevant and riveting content in a way that truly resonates with my audience and moves those desiring to evolve to sustainable action.

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For me, speaking brings it ALL together.

I get to make my written content come to life as well as engage with more people at once than I would if I were coaching. 

Dating and Relationships is one of those topics everyone loves to talk about but the murmurs get a lot quieter when we’re forced to come face-to-face with our own contribution to these situations gone wrong. 

It’s at this point of contention, I like to have fun with and also challenge my audience.

I’ve realized in my own journey to finding fulfillment in dating relationships that on one hand- we tend to overthink TONS of things but on the other hand- we completely dismiss the need to think more critically about our own unproductive behaviors as well as the foolishness we willfully allow to be exacted against us.

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