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About Me

I’m Veronica! Like you, I’ve struggled to really find my way as I attempted to navigate this modern dating scene. New interactions between men and women have always had an element of being awkward but at one point, I started to wonder if there was truly any REAL hope for me.

I knew I was a good catch so I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I kept striking out. FED UP, I realized I needed to take a step back. CLEARLY, I wasn’t in a relationship… so, I had some time and space to get to the bottom of my annoying conundrum. Time PLUS my natural tendency to explore things that have me perplexed helped me to begin approaching my dating relationships with more innocent curiosity. I wanted to figure out what I was missing.

Welp, the first thing I found out was that either I wasn’t the brightest person or I was a glutton for punishment because I literally kept choosing the same guy over and over again.

Then, I noticed something I’d always felt before but never had language for… DATING IS AWKWARD! You put two strangers together who, at the end of the day, have the same goal but very different ways of going about it. What’s the goal? Not being rejected. You see, no matter the actual outcome or the desired target outcome (having “fun,” something to do, “cut buddy,” #JustUs, marriage, etc.),  the ultimate goal is to not be rejected. This in and of itself creates a lot of subconscious pressure on dates–pressure to perform as opposed to the ability to JUST BE.

I decided I would commit to JUST BEING (fully present as my authentic self) no matter what, on all of my dates. This was the beginning of something truly AMAZING! I learned so much about myself, guys, and the dynamics between men and women. I also learned that dating can be extremely enjoyable and fulfilling.

In the midst of my journey, I got my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. This furthered my passion and commitment to learning the secrets to navigate dating relationships well. After the intense but phenomenal education and training I received in grad school, I knew for certain I was equipped in a much more powerful way to not only tackle this for myself but to help others transform their dating lives too.

Even though my mind was made up, I delayed pulling the trigger on OFFICIALLY hanging out my shingle as a Dating Coach and instead dove into blogosphere, writing about single life and dating. But I COULDN’T hide, my clients FOUND me! I had the pleasure of interacting with and coaching so many single Black Millennial women, this only affirmed my desire to work in this space. 

As a Dating Coach to single Black Millennial women, I’m able to pull from my own experience, the empirical data from my education and training, as well as the gems from my very candid conversations with my brothers, guy friends, and any other man who will engage transparently (I call this my secret weapon) to help my clients completely transform their mindsets and dating relationships.

What I’ve found is that, dating is far easier than we THINK it is! We just need the right perspective and approach. Through my content and coaching, I teach women REAL and practical ways to experience the type of relationship they thought was only manufactured in the delicately curated posts on Instagram.

There’s no need to go another day suffering through the cycles of your unfulfilling (…aka whack) dating life. #FutureBae can’t wait to meet you! 

…And I can’t wait to help you become the woman he never wants to spend another day without.


LOVE- Your Dating Coach,


P.S Interested in learning more about how I work with my clients? Click here.