3 Solid Ways

Learn 3 SOLID Ways To Know If You're Wasting Your Time With Your New Boo

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One too many lonely nights will have you seriously questioning your life! But this cycle isn’t new to you.  

You’re tired of feeling burned in dating situations so your default is now to hold back. But that’s not really how you want to be. Then when you do take the risk to become more open, it doesn’t pan out quite the way you want it to. Either your feelings aren’t reciprocated, they’re inappropriately received, or you get ghosted.  


In this video you’ll learn from Andre Davis of Humble Genius Media:

  • What types of unprompted actions you’ll see from a man when he is commitment oriented. 
  • The visible difference between actions that are couched as loving and sacrificial versus those that are genuinely and purely out of love and for your benefit. 
  • The dead give-away that his desire is to commit to you long term.  

You’re ready to take the guessing games out of dating. Move past the unknowns and the awkwardness and get on with building something that feels really darn good.  

You want to date a guy you’re comfortable being imperfect around, you feel safe with, and your time spent together is as easy as breathing.  

And you need to quickly identify the guys that don’t measure up and scoot them out of the way so that you are able to receive your boo when you meet him.  

Say no more! 

This "Tell All" video + Dating Cheat Sheet will equip you with concrete take-aways to immediately apply with your new boo.